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FAQ from the Trollercoaster!

Have you ever caught flak on the interwebs via the InstaGerm or the FaceTron? Well me to!!!! But at least it forces me to think, consider the process, and contemplate what horrible life choices have brought me to this point! So here’s answers to a few of the common and somewhat recent discussions

Some have come from trolls, others have come from well intended curiosity, enjoy!

A Simple Guide to Mental Training That Actually Works

Do you or someone you love suffer from Fear of Falling? Here’s a guide to mental practice that actually works!

Ever noticed that some folks tend to regress after practicing falling, or that the so-called “whipper therapy” of taking long falls traumatizes some folks to the point where they’re not willing to fall at all? And become reluctant to lead?

Those are the problems we’re addressing today. If you’re looking for simple drills and practices to improve your mental game, look no further! These are the exact same methods that I’ve used myself to develop and maintain a cool head on the rock, whether I’m roped up or not!

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That’s Dangerous!

How often do you think about danger? How in depth? Are you worried about copycats of the riskiest arts? Do you tell folks just how dangerous these things are, because you want to encourage them? Or have you failed to realize that this tactic truthfully has the opposite effect from what you want?

We’ve had people fall off of buildings and die for *Instagram Selfies*. C’mon, you scream danger, they hear “AWESOME!” And so they flock to do what you just told them was “cool.” Extreme poles are rarely effective. Vilification and Glorification of danger truthfully have the same effect: they encourage the foolhardy.

But what if there was another way? Listen on to today’s episode “That’s Dangerous!” As we explore this notion!

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