Monthly Archives: January 2019

010 – The Progress

Today’s episode is about The Progress, because everybody starts somewhere, and chronicles my progress from bumbling-gumby to bumbling-idiot-soloist! As an experiment on this episode, I recorded a lot of my own guitar for segues and such! Feel free to inform me how much I suck by emailing

PS: I downloaded a metronome app for my computer after this episode, and I promise to practice with it before the next episode. By which I mean *during* the next episode!

Just remember, there’s nothing safer than not falling!

009 – The Process

While I’ve been covering the process in specificity, with a play-by-play on a week-to-week basis, I haven’t covered the process generally. What am I thinking about *before* I go to think about individual climbs? What preparation goes into these things? How does that enrich my life off the wall? That’s what today’s episode is all about!

08 – The Corporate Dirtbag

For 18 months I lived in my Nissan Frontier, but I had a roof over my head thanks to the company putting me in a hotel all the time. One major perk of a traveling job!

This is the story of that one time I had a one-way ticket to Vegas for Valentines day!


S1 E5 – Return To Balance Season Finale

I’m Building a new layer of technique, tactics, and ability on top of the fitness that Lattice’s training protocols had given me I had become a whole new machine. In the three years before this season I had only soloed seven 5.12’s, and then I turned around and soloed eight 5.12’s in two months. Two months to match what had happened in the previous three years. It’s absolutely bonkers, and totally mind-blowing, at least to me personally. I doubled my repertoire in the space between the start of October and the end of November.